Topics: Peripheral Artery Disease


You probably heard a friend or love one say they have been diagnosed with PAD and you want to understand what the medical abbreviation PAD means and understand more about the condition.

The medical abbreviation of PAD stand for Peripheral Artery Disease.

When someone develops PAD, their legs are not receiving enough blood flow to keep up with demand. Walking to the mailbox, to the garden or through or through the grocery store puts demands on the body for extra blood. When the legs experience a deficit, PAD can create symptoms of leg pain.

Medically, PAD (or peripheral artery disease) is caused by blockages in the arteries when plaque gradually forms inside the artery walls. If left untreated, leg pain may continue, sores can develop on the feet and discoloration may appear due to lack of blood flow.

In these cases, it is important to see a doctor for treatment.

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